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July 14, 2022

Investing in Real Estate is an extraordinary experience especially for global investors who are looking to build or buy their dream homes. Considering investment to live in the UAE is a great opportunity to benefit from amenities such as the lifestyle, economical, and educational systems. In this blog, several factors are explained to know the reasons behind why choosing UAE as a second home destination is a promising idea. 

Safety is paramount 

Moving to a new country requires high safety to be available. The good news is that Dubai ranks in the 6th place among 328 cities once it comes to safety, making Dubai the safest place in the Middle East for tourists and investors. Having strict laws in the UAE is an indication that crime rates are almost non-existent. The crime index in Abu Dhabi is only 10.61 where any crime index below 20 is considered very safe. Hence, you can live in the UAE with no worries regarding safety and security. Moreover, 42% of the population of Dubai Central Prison are there only for failing to pay debts. Knowing that the safety index is 89.39 in the UAE, you would choose the region for your family to have your children brought up in a safe environment.

It is the perfect balance between the city and the seaside 

The UAE is located along the south-eastern coast with its urban area situated between the sea and the mountains. Not only does the UAE lie within the Arabian Desert but also is located along the gorgeous sandy beaches having luxurious villas and ultra-new urban architecture from the city side making it a unique experience for tourists and residents. Working in an office all day while having the chance to take a break on a beach, have lunch in the city, or go on a hike during the morning makes the UAE the best destination between urban and rural life. Moreover, the region is a mixture of tradition, luxurious culture, and modernity. In Dubai, you can explore sites from the city such as Burj Khalifa and 7 stars hotels while discovering mosques and the roots that Dubai never lost. On the other hand, in Abu Dhabi you can experience what it is like to be a racecar driver. Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, viewing the brand new Louvre Abu Dhabi, and enjoying a 5 stars luxury on a private marina are some of the activities you can do in Abu Dhabi.

A strong and stable economy 

The United Arab Emirates has been involved with new technological and tourism industries building its way towards a strong economy. The economic freedom score of the country is 76.9 making its economy the 14th freest in the index of 2021. The financial sector is competitive and the presence of foreign institutions in banking is strong. The luxurious lifestyles, banking rates, businesses, and trade markets are all favorable for residents and tourists. Moreover, the United Arab Emirates is a major market for U.S. exports where it is considered a global hub for international business and finance. 

Educational standards are high 

Having to settle in a new country causes you to worry about your children’s future and education as you want them to grow up with the same if not better- educational opportunities than afforded to you. The UAE educational system ranks among the top countries as both primary and secondary education are provided for free in government institutions. Moreover, the region is a home of international schools with high rankings and grades, dual-language opportunities, and extracurricular activities. Concerning further education, the United Arab Emirates University ranks fifth among universities in the Arab region. The largest education institution in the UAE is the Higher Colleges of Technology which has 17 campuses across the country. Thus, you will be spoilt by the choice of schooling starting from primary education reaching universities. 

Excellent support for Expats 

With so many expats in the UAE from the US and elsewhere, you will find the support that you need and people to engage with. Making friends and getting advice for settlement can be done by engaging in social clubs. The UAE is a great deal for ethnic diversity as most people are tourists from 200 countries. Also, investing in a luxurious villa will ensure that you get the UAE golden visa. Having diverse lifestyles and distinct cultures will allow you to explore new environments and get influenced by them. 

In conclusion, the UAE offers fantastic opportunities to all the tourists and residents living in the country. The country provides high security and safety along with free primary and secondary education and entertainment activities. Living in the UAE will return positively on you and your family as the economy of the United Arab Emirates is going strong and stable. Now you can discover the UAE and the luxury homes by taking a closer look and experiencing the amenities it provides! 

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