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July 14, 2022

The UAE; the story of a life full of guaranteed satisfaction, pre-eminent stability, and a safe haven for all its citizens, visitors, and foreigners from all around the globe. It’s undoubtedly a destination uniting hundreds of nationalities interacting altogether, and working with utmost tranquility. Consequently, thanks to many factors that we will be highlighting below, the UAE feels like home for the majority of its foreign residents.

1-  Diverse Cuisines

As a worldwide attraction, the UAE hosts a plurality of cuisines, brought by award-winning chefs. With diverse choices of cuisines, ranging from the Middle Eastern, Indian, to the Bengali, Thai, Brazilian, and even Peruvian, among many others, foreigners have the ability to tour the world and relish the most mouthwatering dishes, while residing in the UAE, for unforgettable culinary experiences.

2-  No For Discrimination

Locals in the UAE are widely known by their extraordinary hospitality, as they are open to warmly welcome any foreigner, whenever and wherever, and regardless of any discriminatory factor. In other words, the UAE’s lifestyle is deeply rooted in the Arab traditions, as foreigners are always kindly welcomed, with unmatched generosity. From serving dates and coffee as a greeting gesture, to ensuring unparalleled comfort, the UAE has undisputedly placed itself as a global icon in the world of hospitality.

3-  Respectful Government, Respected Foreigners

UAE’s government is known for being super respectful, with official communication processes following the highest ethical standards. By being so, this government esteems and honors foreigners and treats them with supreme respect, thus, ensuring them a great serene life where every need is easily accessible and fulfilled. And, this is reciprocal, as the government earns full respect from its locals, touristic visitors and even foreigners who are residing in the UAE.

4-  Advanced Technology, Streamlining Communication

The UAE is distinguished by its advanced and ever-evolving communication systems, with out-of-the-box new mechanisms coming to life at a fast pace and integrated within the society. Such efforts enable high-end technology, which, in return, grants foreigners the necessary abilities to communicate and interact seamlessly with their families, friends and loved ones in their homelands, anytime and anywhere.

5-  Activities Reminding Foreigners Of Their Homelands

Thanks to the UAE’s peerless range of activities, ranging from skiing, desert driving, horseback riding, camel races to golfing and swimming, foreigners can experience unlimited recreational possibilities. More specifically, the plethora of activities found all across the UAE makes foreigners feel as if they didn’t leave their homelands, through enjoying what they usually like to do in their leisure time back home.

6-  Multiculturalism At Its Best

A mix of different cultures living together is what differentiates the UAE from other countries, and is what makes it stand out and be successful in all fields. It’s coexistence at its best, in every sense of the word! The UAE is renowned by its best social integration practices, and the constantly evolving cycle of communication and interactions between the different cultures and nationalities residing in the UAE. Hence, foreigners can build strong bonds and lifetime relationships at work, at a restaurant or at the gym, effortlessly.

7-  Loud Nightlife, For Louder Amusement

Wondering where to stay entertained, and dance to the rhythm of the booming songs? Look no further, as the UAE’s nightlife is incomparable. With famous DJs, breathtaking bars, astonishing pubs and clubs’ designs with a modern twist, foreign party-goers can witness the loudest nightlife of all time, all while staying absolutely amused. They will also feel as if they’re partying in the most prestigious clubs of New York or even LA!

An upscale quality of life, with limitless possibilities, crowned with uttermost respect, ethics and security; this is what the UAE is all about!

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