About Ohana Development

A modern take on real estate development to create the ultimate luxury experience in our communities.

How it all started

Operating out of the UAE, Ohana Development started with a simple mission: to change the way Real Estate development is perceived. We believe in building communities and in providing our tenants with a high-end luxurious experience. Our projects are spread across 3 continents  and the focus is the same: excellence from concept, to design, to execution, to delivery.

Visionary approach to real estate



With a world class team of experts, Ohana Development is capable of conceptualizing and executing high-end complex projects.



Because real estate development is so much more than simply delivering a project, we aim to create truly customized life experiences for each of our clients.


Shaping the future

We want to become synonymous with high-end, fully customized, luxury projects that take real estate development to a whole new level.

A COMPANY you can trust

Luxury Villas

Community Members


We have always believed that there is always a family behind the success of any organization, corporation, or a company.
At Ohana we take care of our family which extends not just to include our company’s founders but also our employee and our customers as well.
We trust in our family, and we take pride in quality of work being delivered, and our success as Ohana is attained by having one great family.

MUSTAPHA DIB EL SAMMAK – Ohana Development